Substitute Teachers

To be a substitute in Oregon, a person must hold a valid Oregon Teaching License issued by Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

If you already hold an Oregon Teaching, or Substitute, License and would like to register as a substitute for Malheur County Region 14 Schools, follow the steps listed below. Please submit forms to Kristia Simmons,

1. Submit the Substitute Teacher Form indicating teaching preferences pertaining to school districts, subjects, and grade levels.

2. Print Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I9). Original documents (valid driver license and social security card or passport) must be presented in person for certification of this form.

4. HB 2062 - If you were previously employed by a school district, or education provider, you will need to complete a disclosure release for the previous 3 school districts you were employed by.

5. Completion of annual online trainings. (Child Abuse Prevention, Cybersecurity, and Email Safety).

Each school district pays substitute teachers through their own district's payroll department. In order to receive payment please complete a separate W4 for each district you are subbing in. (This will mean completing multiple forms if you are subbing in more than one district)

If you do not hold an Oregon Teaching, or Substitute, License but you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, you may qualify for a Restricted Substitute Teaching License.

What Districts can you substitute for?

  • Adrian School District

  • Annex Charter School

  • Arock School District

  • Four Rivers Community Charter School

  • Harper Charter School

  • Huntington School District

  • Jordan Valley School District

  • Juntura School District

  • Nyssa School District

  • Ontario School District

  • Vale School District

Questions regarding substitute teaching?

Kristia Simmons


Phone: (541) 473-4833