Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education


Stephanie Navarrete, Early Intervention Coordinator

Ontario: 541-889-8613

Nyssa: 541-372-2214

This program services children ages birth to five years and acts as a referral point for parents and others who may suspect that a child may need early intervention/early childhood special education services. Eligible students are served in various settings. The range of services include parent training, OT, PT, Speech-Language, audiological and other support services.

At Malheur ESD, we believe:

  • Young children with disabilities and their families are full members of our community

  • Inclusion is the driving principle and the foundation for the range of services and supports we provide to young children and families

  • The education practice of separating and isolating children with disabilities does not promote a sense of belonging

  • Collaboration among key stakeholders (e.g., families, practitioners, specialists, and administrators) is a cornerstone for implementing high quality early childhood inclusion

  • Specialized services and therapies must be implemented in a coordinated fashion and integrated with general early care and education services

We provide a quality preschool program for children with and without disabilities from 3 years to the age of kindergarten. Children must be 3 years old by September 1st to enroll in the program. Learning in a nurturing environment is important for a young child’s development. In our LEAP classroom, children make friends while playing, painting, learning, and laughing alongside children with special needs. Peers will learn diversity, tolerance, and to appreciate the differences in every child.

Our purpose is to work together with all partners, including the family, caregivers, partner school districts, and other stakeholders to enhance every child’s potential. We strive to be family-centered, demonstrate respect, work together cooperatively, demonstrate integrity, and use open communication. These core values are evident in our work with families, community partners, and with each other.