Restricted Substitutes

There is a national shortage of Licensed Substitutes. Malheur ESD is addressing this through hiring and training candidates eligible pursuant to ORS 584-060-0682 (TSPC Restricted Substitute Teaching License). Due to this shortage, TSPC has approved new rules governing the requirements to obtain a Restricted Substitute Teaching License.

What is the difference between a Restricted Substitute Teaching License and an Emergency Substitute Teaching License?

Restricted Substitute Teaching License

  • Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, from a regionally accredited institution or approved foreign equivalent.

  • Under the Restricted Substitute License you are eligible to sub for a teacher in any K-12 level.

  • Under the Restricted Substitute License you cannot work more than 10 consecutive days in the same position.

Emergency Substitute Teaching License

  • No degree required

  • Must be sponsored by one specific district.

  • Under the Emergency Substitute Teaching License you are only able to sub for the sponsoring district. (Malheur ESD will not handle Emergency Substitute Licensure, but can help with questions).

  • If you are interested in obtaining an Emergency Substitute Teaching License please contact Kristia Simmons directly.

If you have never held a teaching license, or substitute license:

  1. Go to Oregon TSPC (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission) website - click the link here

  2. Create an account by clicking on the "eLicensing Application" tab (top tab of the website).

  3. Submit a Restricted Substitute Teaching License application through TSPC, and pay all fees.

$182 Application fee + $15 portal fee + $61 criminal history verification fee

  1. Submit proof of Bachelors Degree - send Official transcripts directly to TSPC at:

  2. This application will require a sponsorship letter from the Malheur ESD. Please contact Kristia Simmons once you have completed your application and paid all fees.

  3. You will be sent instructions, directly from TSPC, to complete fingerprinting for Criminal History Verification ($12.50 fingerprint fee).

Note: Results from your background clearance will have to be received prior to subbing for any district.

*Once you complete a Restricted Substitute Teaching License application, you will need to complete the requirements with the Malheur Education Service District. Click here to go back to Malheur ESD Substitute Requirements

What Districts can you substitute for?

  • Adrian School District

  • Annex Charter School

  • Arock School District

  • Four Rivers Community Charter School

  • Harper Charter School

  • Huntington School District

  • Jordan Valley School District

  • Juntura School District

  • Nyssa School District

  • Ontario School District

  • Vale School District

Questions regarding substitute teaching?

Kristia Simmons


Phone: (541) 473-4833