Employee Resources 



Malheur ESD Employee Portal 

View and change information on pay, benefits, tax documents/withholdings. Request time off and view leave balance. 


Your benefit managment portal to view insurance/benefit information

Public Works 

Oregon law requires districts to participate in the following annual trainings.  Beginning in 2010, staff training  will be conducted online through PublicSchoolWORKS:

Online Trainings 


Employee Acknowledgment of Policies & Procedures 

By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you have read and received all policies/handbooks, and understand the contents. In addition to understanding you are confirming compliance with the listed policies/handbook.

Employee Incident / Injury Report Form 

Complete this form immediately following an incident that results in either a serious injury or minor injury. 

STUDENT Incident / Injury Form  

Complete this form immediately following an incident that results in either a serious or minor injury of a STUDENT and return to your supervisor. 

Employee Information Change Form

To change your name, or address, complete the form and return to Kristia Simmons, HR. 

Employee Leave Request Form (Only if you have exhausted all leave available) 

Complete leave request form and submit to your supervisor. Unpaid leave requires superintendent approval. 

Reimbursement / Travel Claim Form

Submit completed form to the Business Office, include all receipts (taped to a separate piece of paper). Completed form must have supervisor signature. 

ESD Volunteer Form  

If you are planning to volunteer with the Malheur ESD please complete the volunteer form and return to Kristia Simmons, HR. 

Hiring Process Checklist (For Hiring Supervisors)


Malheur ESD Staff Calendars

New baby? Upcoming Surgery? Need to care for a family member? 

Leave Programs Available

If you plan to miss more than 5 consecutive days please contact HR to start the leave process. 

Business Office Resource Page

Insurance/benefit Information. Links to plans/modahealth information/HSA/etc. This sheet also includes pay calculation for hourly employees. 

Malheur ESD Staff Handbook

Malheur ESD employees are required to review the staff handbook annually.  

Malheur ESD Online Board Policy Manual 

Online policy manual 

Communicable Disease Management Plan 

Guidelines in regards to infection control to allow for a safe working environment for MESD employees, students, and visitors. 

Electronic Communications System 

Operation of the ESD’s electronic communications system relies upon the proper conduct and appropriate use of system users. Students, staff and others granted system access are responsible for adhering to the guidelines which require legal, ethical and efficient use of the ESD’s system. 

Malheur ESD Job Descriptions


Kristia Simmons, HR