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Oregon law requires that all children, between the ages of 7 and 18 years old, attend public school.  There are, however, exemptions to that law.  One of those exemptions gives the parent/guardian of any child the right to teach that child at home.  More information about Oregon laws, policies, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding homeschooling can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website. Please note enrolling in an online public charter school is not considered homeschooling, and is not subject to homeschool requirements.  A student is considered as homeschooled only when the parent/guardian is providing actual instruction.

After the decision to homeschool has been made, in order for the parent/guardian to remain in compliance with the compulsory school attendance law, they must notify their local Education Service District (ESD), in writing, of their intent to homeschool their child. This must be completed within 10 days of beginning to homeschool, withdrawing the child from public school, or moving to a new ESD region. The written notification may be in the form of a letter emailed to Jodi Westerberg, or mailed to the address below.  The letter needs to include the following information:

OR, the Notification Form may be used from the Homeschool Packet and mailed to the Malheur ESD - Attention Jodi Westerberg.  You can request a full packet to be sent to you by emailing Jodi Westerberg, or you may simply print off a copy from the links listed below. 

Malheur Education Service District

Attention: Jodi Westerberg

363 "A" Street West

Vale, OR 97918

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