Tech Support

New HelpDesk System - "Datto"

We have a new Help Desk platform. We call him Datto, and his picture is to the left. Datto lives near the computer's clock, but don't worry if you can't see him right away (he likes to hide sometimes). If you don't see him, try clicking on the little 'up' arrow ^ by the clock. If he's not in his usual hiding spot, we'll need you to open a ticket via email by sending a message to us at so we can help and get Datto added to your computer. You may also see a new icon on your desktop titled "Create a new Support Ticket".

Creating a support request ("ticket")

There are 4 easy ways to use Datto to open a ticket:

1. You can double click on the "Create a new Support Ticket" icon on your desktop.

2. You can Right Click on the Datto icon for a menu of options. You will be able to take a screenshot & submit a ticket, if you want to show us an error message or something that isn't displaying properly on your computer.

3. You can Right Click on Datto and select 'Request Support' to create a ticket without a screenshot.

4. You can Right Click on Datto and select 'Open' to open the screen in the image below, with tabs. If you don't want to Right Click, you can just double-click on him, too!

If you don't have any of these options you can just email as a last resort. Whenever possible please use one of the 4 options above as this makes tracking and support much easier and efficient.

Look - Tabs!

The 'Summary' tab will provide some information about your computer - the computer's name (yes, computers have names, too!), the computer's hardware information and serial number, to name a few.

The 'Tasks' tab will have some useful troubleshooting tools and program updates, but you shouldn't need to use them very often (feel free to browse, though!)

The 'Tickets' tab will show you your open support request tickets or let you create a new ticket.

Creating a Help Desk Ticket.

After you click on the New Ticket button or the request support option a new window will pop up. Enter the following information:

Summary of the issue: This would be a title or quick summary of the issue such as "My printer isn't working"

Tell us about the issue: Enter as much detail as possible about the issue or request, including any error codes etc.

How urgent is your request and who is impacted: These can be changed as needed based on the information you know by dragging the circle to the correct value.

Your name, email, and phone number: Please enter your first and last name, email address, and best number to reach you at. After you do this the first time your information will be saved on that computer.

Screenshot: You can upload up to 3 screenshots of an error or something else pertinent to your ticket.

Update Helper

Datto will periodically help keep your computer updated, and remind you when it needs to restart your computer to finish any updates.