Malheur Education Service District:

Ontario Early Intervention Modular Project

DATE OF ISSUE: January 25th, 2022

CLOSING DATE: February 14th, 2022


Mark Redmond, Superintendent

Malheur Education Service District

363 “A” Street West

Vale, OR 97918

Phone: (541) 473 – 4824


The Malheur Education Service District is requesting sealed proposals for Construction Management/General Contractor Services (CM/GC) for work required in conjunction with the Ontario Early Intervention Modular Building/Sidewalk Project. The Project consists of the site excavation and backfill, grading and retention swales, all permitting requirements, plumbing/utilities/special systems hookups/lines and connections, and concrete sidewalks and flatwork. This Request for Proposal is part of a competitive selection process to engage a firm to provide construction management services for the Project.

Electronic Documents are available via email from the Contact. A site walk through for prospective bidders will be made available upon request through the Contact.

Sealed Proposals will be accepted until 1:30pm on February 14th, 2022 at the Malheur ESD Office: 363 “A” Street West, Vale, OR 97918.


The Project consists of the site excavation and backfill, all permitting requirements, grading and swales, plumbing/utilities/special systems hookups, and concrete sidewalks and flatwork per the Overall and Dimensional Site Plan Specs. Please see additional documents: Overall and Dimensional Site Plan and Design Master Plan.

The awarded Construction Manager (CM) will be responsible for the following:

  1. Management of the construction schedule

  2. Management of site logistics with Modern Building Designs (the modular and foundation contractor), the City of Ontario, Utility Departments, and other entities associated with the project.


Owner: Malheur Education Service District

Mark Redmond, Superintendent

Matt Mejia, Business Manager

Teresa Jones, Director of Special Education

Stephanie Navarrete, Early Intervention Coordinator

Sara Byrne, Early Intervention Assistant Coordinator

Engineer: Engineering Northwest, LLC

Pat Woodcock


Deliver one (1) original signed copy and three (3) copies of the proposal. Proposals shall be properly sealed and labeled. Proposals must be delivered by 1:30pm; late proposals will not be accepted. Proposals shall be addressed to:

Malheur ESD

Attn: Mark Redmond, Superintendent

363 “A” Street West

Vale, OR 97918

Proposals shall contain the following:

  1. Firm Description – identify the firm’s name, contact information, and history of the firm. Include personnel proposed for the Project.

  2. General Qualifications – briefly include the firm’s Specific qualifications, response to project background information, past performance on similar projects, and examples of work (maximum of 5) and other relevant experience.

  3. Construction Services Fee – Include total proposed fees, including each of the following:

    1. Fee for Construction Management Services

    2. Construction Phase Fee, expressed as a percentage

    3. General Conditions Estimate

    4. Personnel Fee

    5. Other

A complete breakdown of all reimbursable and non‐reimbursable personnel proposed for this assignment must be included with your Proposal. (Please plan on at least 3 on‐site meetings to discuss the project with the owner/design team.)

Change Orders – Indicate your fee and any special conditions related to change order work. Differentiate between self‐performed and subcontractor work.

Additional Overhead & Fee – Indicate if any percentage overhead or profit is added to the cost of burdened labor and materials for work accomplished with your own forces before the Construction Services Fee is added, and if so, what that percentage is.

Labor Burden – Identify and list the current percentages to be added to the direct labor costs to cover all taxes, insurance and other employee benefits.

Trade Labor Wage Rates – Indicate current trade labor wage rates and provide an itemized breakdown of applied labor and budget rates for each category of tradesmen employed by your firm. Include direct and indirect personnel expenses, workman’s compensation rates, etc.

Equipment Rental Rates – Provide a schedule of rental rates proposed for contractor‐ owned equipment which may be used for, and charged to, the Project. Indicate how small tools or other similar costs are determined and are proposed to be billed to the Project.

All proposals must contain a statement complying with State of Oregon law as per ORS 279.348 to 279.380 stating that all wages will be paid at not less than the Prevailing Rates for Malheur County or Davis Bacon Wage Rate, which ever rate is higher.

No proposer may withdraw his proposal after the hour set for opening thereof, or before award of Contract, unless award is delayed for a period exceeding (60) days.

Proposals will be accepted from those contractors only (trade contractor, subcontractors, and/or specialty contractors) who, prior to the bid opening, hold a current Construction Contractor’s Board License in the State of Oregon, and who do not appear on BOLI’s current List of Contractors Ineligible to Receive Public Works Contracts.

Each proposal must identify whether the proposer is a resident bidder as defined in ORS 279-029.

The Malheur Education Service District may reject any proposal not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, and may reject for good cause any or all proposals upon a finding of the agency that it is in the public interest to do so.

Before any contract is awarded for the work contemplated herein, Malheur Education Service District shall conduct such investigation, as it deems necessary to determine the performance record and ability of the apparent lowest responsive bidder to perform the type and size of project specified under this contract. Upon request, the bidder shall submit such information as deemed necessary for such evaluation.


Proposals will be reviewed by the Owner’s Evaluation Team to verify compliance with the minimum requirements included in the RFP. Selection of the successful CM will be based upon the demonstrated competence and on the professional qualifications necessary for the satisfactory performance of the services required, considering the criteria listed below and other relevant factors, including the fee to provide the services required. Members of the Evaluation Team will independently analyze each proposal, assessing how each Proposer’s qualifications, experience, professional content, and submitted methodology meet the Project needs. Each committee member will use a scoring rubric as a guideline for assigning points.

The Malheur Education Service District may conduct interviews with selected Proposers after all proposals have been submitted and evaluated. The District reserves the right to vary from this process as it determines to be in the District’s best interest.

The District adheres to the ORS 279A.120 Preference for Oregon goods and services during CM selection.

The following evaluation criteria will be used to evaluate proposals received in response to this RFP.

Evaluation Criteria Maximum Points

  • Firm Description 5 points

(Firm background, experience, and personnel)

  • General Qualifications 25 points

(Firm history with the District, other provided qualifications for the job)

  • Proposed Fees 50 points

  • Preference for Oregon Goods and Services 20 points

(resident bidder)

Total 100 points

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