Staff Directory

Mark Redmond (Malheur ESD Superintendent) - 541.473.4824

Arriola, Angie (Curriculum Director) - 541.473.4828

Ashby, Dione (Quality Improvement Specialist - Focused Child Care Network, Baker)

Ayers, Deb (CNA Instructor TVT)

Bates, Lynne (Speech Language Pathologist- Vale)

Belnap, Debbie (Exec. Administrative Assistant/EI/SPED) - 541.473.4861

Byrne, Sara (Assistant EI/ECSE Coordinator)

Bergsma, Sara (Speech Language Pathologist)

Bishop, Anna (REN Exec. Administrative Assistant/Data Specialist) - 541.473.4850

Bond, Brian (Malheur Works Internship Coordinator)

Bowns, Danna (Speech Language Pathologist)

Brown, Traci (EI/ECSE Service Coordinator)

Butler, Robyn (Print Shop Manager/Warehouse) - 541.473.4834

Cassim, Hannah (Speech Language Pathologist)

Cleaver, Tracy (Counselor, Behavior Support)

Cutler, Niki (Diagnostician, Consulting Teacher - Nyssa, Annex)

Echeverria, Jason (ELL Specialist)

Erstrom, Sarah (Assistant Business Manager / Component Districts) - 541.473.4856

Faughn, Tanya (Exec. Administrative Assistant PSP/Early Learning) - 541.473.4823

Frashier, Donald (Driver's Education Instructor)

Fuller, Emily (PreSchool Promise Aide, Ontario)

Garcie, Jacklynn (EI/ECSE Teacher)

Gheen, Sherri ( Driver's Education Instructor)

Goldthorpe, Jennifer (Counselor, Behavior Support)

Hackman, Dannette (Vocational Transition Program Coordinator - Nyssa)

Hadi, Alex (Technology Specialist)

Hahn, Jazzlyn (Preschool Promise Aide, Ontario/Nyssa)

Hansen, Maddy (COTA)

Harshman, Chalene (Quality Improvement Specialist- Focused Child Care Network - Baker)

Hartley, Madison (EI/ECSE Instructional Assistant)

Hill, Christy (Early Learning Coordinator & Coach) - 541-473-4822

Herzberg, April (EI/ECSE Aide)

Heuterman, Josephine (Diagnostician/Consultant- Jordan Valley, A-Rock, Harper, Vale)

Jones, Teresa (Special Education Director) - 541.473.4825

Lazo, Nubia (Parent Engagement Facilitator)

Lindley, Jean (Physical Therapist)

Mackenzie, Angie ( Autism Specialist)

Maness, Amber (EI/ECSE Instructional Assistant)

Marlin, Scott (Server/Network Specialist)

Martin, Jennifer (Eastern Oregon Regional Educator Network Coordinator) - 541.473.4838

Martinez, Theresa (Eastern Oregon Child Care Resources Coordinator) - 541.203.0357

Matos-Kelly, Nilda (C.N.A. Instructor)

Mejia, Jenna (EI/ECSE Teacher)

Mejia, Matt (Business Manager) - 541.473.4826

Melendrez, Nancy (Bilingual Quality Improvement Specialist, Malheur )

Navarette, Stephanie (EI/ECSE Coordinator) - 541-889-8613

Newman, Lisa (Speech Language Pathologist - EI/ECSE, Adrian)

Oviedo, Chita ( Preschool Instructional Assistant)

Owen, Nastya (Senior Technology Specialist)

Paulsen, Chris (Counselor, Behavior Support, and School Safety and Prevention Specialist)

Peacock, Jerry (CTE Regional Coordinator/TVT Director) - 541.473.4858

Perez, Corina (PreSchool Promise Quality Improvement Specialist- Coach, Malheur)

Pierce, MaryJane (YTP Specialist)

Pierce, Tammy (Coordinated Enrollment/SSA Coordinator)

Poe, Kelly (Director of Early Learning) - 541.473.4844

Ried, Kirsten (Transition Specialist)

Sabin, Jacob (Technology Specialist)

Santi, Stefany (Preschool Teacher, Site Coordinator)

Seals, Randy (Director of Technology) - 541.473.4830

Shira, Jennifer (Speech Language Pathologist -EI/ECSE)

Shira, Nickie (STEM & Innovation Coordinator) - 541.473.4865

Simmons, Kristia (Assistant Business Manager /HR) - 541.473.4833

Skinner, Kelsi (Student Success Act ODE, Liaison)

Snow, Kendra (Speech Language Pathologist)

Stark, Anita (Transition Specialist)

Susuki, Jenn (Student Wellness Coordinator) -541.473.4827

Tesnohlidek, Lisa (Novice Teacher Support Specialist) - 541.473.4042

Tuckness, Kathy (Speech Language Pathologist - Nyssa Middle & High School)

Vialpando, Jessica (Speech Language Pathologist - EI/ECSE)

Villa, Lupita (Speech Language Pathology Assistant - EI/ECSE)

Ward, Patsy (Speech Language Pathology Assistant - Vale, EI/ECSE)

Westerberg, Jodi (Executive Administrative Assistant/CTE) 541-473-4821

Wetzel, Charles (Educational Assistant - EI/ECSE)

Weiland, Melissa (EI ECSE Counselor, Behavior Support)

Wilson, Melodie (ED Tech/Stem Specialist) - 541.473.4845

Wood, Shawndra (Preschool Instructional Assistant)

Yano, Sheryl (Diagnostician/Consulting Teacher - Adrian)