Staff Directory

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District Office 

Mark Redmond, Superintendent 

Debbie Belnap, Executive Adminstrative Assistant 

Jodi Westerberg, Exectutive Adminsitrative Assistant 

Robyn Butler, Print Shop Manager/Warehouse 

Business Office

Matt Mejia, Director of Finance 

Sarah Erstrom, Business Manager 

Kristia Simmons, Human Resources Manager 

Anna Bishop, Fiscal Support Specialist 

Early Learning

Kelly Poe, Director of Early Learning 

Rod Belknap, Early Learning Coordinator

Tammie Dockter, Home Visisting Systems Coordinator

Theresa Martinez, Child Care Resources Coordinator 

Tanya Faughn, Executive Administrative Assistant 

Chalene Harshman, Infant/Toddler Specialist - Baker City

Nubia Lazo, Parent Engagement Facilitator 

Nancy Melendrez, Quality Improvement Specialist

Noelia Monroy, Child Care Resources Administrative Asst. 

Corina Perez, Quality Improvement Specialist

Tammy Pierce, Coordinated Enrollment 

Lisa Pringle, Quality Improvement Specialist - Wallowa 

Nyssa Preschool

Stefany Santi, Teacher

Anita Stark, Instructional Assistant 

Shawndra Wood, Instructional Assistant 

Ontario Preschool

Aaron Wilson, Teacher 

Jazzlyn Hahn, Instructional Assistant 

Jacinda Valero, Instructional Assistant 

Curriculum and Instruction

Angie Arriola, Director of Curriculum 

Jason Echeverria, ELL Specialist 

Vickie Kraft, REN Data Analyst 

Rose Salomone, SIS Manager/Coordinator

Kelsi Skinner, Student Success Act ODE Liaison 

Career Technical Education

Jerry Peacock, CTE Regional Coordinator/TVT Director 

John Stroup, CTE Career Connection Coordinator 

Torrina Logan, TVT/NA Teacher - Ontario 

Nilda Matos-Kelly, TVT/NA Teacher - Nyssa & Adrian 


Nickie Shira, Director of FRONTIER STEM Hub

Brian Bond, Malheur Works Internship Instructor 

Melodie Wilson, Education Technology/STEM Specialist

Regional Educator Network 

Jennifer Martin, EO REN Coordinator

Lisa Tesnohlidek, NOVICE Teacher Support Specialist 

Katrin Seals, Administrative Assistant 

Early Intervention/Early Childhood

Special Education

Teresa Jones, Special Education Director 

Stephanie Navarrete, EI/ECSE Coordinator 

Sara Byrne, Assistant EI/ECSE Coordinator 

Marshell Hooker, Preschool Coordinator/Coach

Traci Brown, EI/ECSE Service Coordinator


Lynne Bates, SLP - Vale

Danna Bowns, SLP

Heather Christensen, Certified Occupational Therapy Asst.

Michele Cornia, Autism Specialist 

Niki Cutler, Diagnostician/Consulting Teacher

Josephine Heuterman, Diagnostician/Consulting Teacher

Jean Lindley, Physical Therapist 

Angie MacKenzie, Autism Specialist 

Jennifer Shira, SLP

Kathy Tuckness, SLP - Nyssa 

Jessica Vialpando, SLP

Lupita Villa, SLPA 

Patsy Ward, SLPA

Ontario EI/ECSE

Jenna Mejia, Teacher

April Fugate, Instructional Assistant

Amber Maness, Instructional Assistant 


Jacklynn Garcia, Teacher 

Madison Rodriguez, Instructional Assistant 

Vanessa Oviedo, Instructional Assistant 


Paula Harris, Teacher

TBD, Instructional Assistant 

TBD, Instructional Assistant 

Student Wellness

Jennifer Susuki, Student Wellness Coordinator 

Tracy Cleaver, Counselor 

Jennifer Goldthorpe, Counselor 

Sahirit Ramos-Ramirez, Counselor

Kevin Purnell, School Safety Prevention Specialist

Dannette Hackman, Inclusion Specialist

Youth Transition Program

Dannette Hackman, YTP Coordinator 

Rebecca DeForest, YTP Specialist 

Amy Mardock, YTP Specialist 

MaryJane Pierce, YTP Specialist 

Kirsten Reid, YTP Specialist 


Randy Seals, Director of Technoloyg 

Alex Hadi, Senior Technology Specialist

Justin Grover, Senior Technology Specialist 

Nathan Bommersbach, Technology Specialist 

Porter McKrola, Technology Specialist 

Drivers Education

Donald Frashier, Driver's Ed Instructor

Sherri Gheen, Driver'd Ed Instructor