Staff Directory

Malheur ESD Superintendent

Curriculum Director

Quality Improvement Specialist - Focused Child Care Network, Baker)  

Speech Language Pathologist- Vale

Early Learning Coordinator

Exec. Administrative Assistant/EI/SPED 

Technology Specialist

Assistant EI/ECSE Coordinator

Speech Language Pathologist

REN Exec. Administrative Assistant/Data Specialist 

Malheur Works Internship Coordinator

Speech Language Pathologist

EI/ECSE Service Coordinator

Print Shop Manager/Warehouse

Speech Language Pathologist

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant


Autism Specialist

Diagnostician, Consulting Teacher - Nyssa, Annex

ELL Specialist

Assistant Business Manager / Component Districts

Exec. Administrative Assistant PSP/Early Learning

Driver's Education Instructor

EI/ECSE Teacher

Driver's Education Instructor

YTP Specialist

Senior Technology Specialist

Inclusion Specialist & YTP Coordinator

Senior Technology Specialist

Preschool Promise Aide, Ontario/Nyssa

Quality Improvement Specialist- Focused Child Care Network - Baker  


Diagnostician/Consultant- Jordan Valley, Arock, Harper, Vale

Preschool Coordinator/Coach

Special Education Director

REN Data Analyst

Parent Engagement Facilitator

Physical Therapist

TVT/NA Instructor - Ontario High School

Autism Specialist

EI/ECSE Instructional Assistant

Eastern Oregon Regional Educator Network Coordinator

Eastern Oregon Child Care Resources Coordinator

TVT Nursing Director/Instructor Nyssa and Adrian

Technology Specialist -District Wide

EI/ECSE Teacher

Business Manager 

Quality Improvement Specialist, Malheur  

CCR Administrative Assistant - Ontario

EI/ECSE Coordinator

Speech Language Pathologist - EI/ECSE, Adrian

Preschool Instructional Assistant

CTE Regional Coordinator/TVT Director 

PreSchool Promise Quality Improvement Specialist- Coach, Malheur

YTP Specialist

Coordinated Enrollment

Director of Early Learning 

Quality Improvement Specialist - Wallowa (Enterprise, OR) 

School Safety Prevention Specialist

Counselor District Wide

Transition Specialist

EI/ECSE Instructional Assistant

SIS Manager / Coordinator

Preschool Teacher, Site Coordinator

REN/Curriculum STEM Administrative Assistant

Director of Technology 

Speech Language Pathologist -EI/ECSE

STEM & Innovation Coordinator 

Assistant Business Manager /HR Manager

Student Success Act ODE, Liaison

Speech Language Pathologist

LEAP Instructional Aide

CTE Career Connection Coordinator

Student Wellness Coordinator

Novice Teacher Support Specialist

Speech Language Pathologist - Nyssa Middle & High School

Preschool Aide - Ontario

Speech Language Pathologist - EI/ECSE

Speech Language Pathology Assistant - EI/ECSE

Speech Language Pathology Assistant - Vale, EI/ECSE

Executive Administrative Assistant/CTE 

Education Technology/STEM Specialist 

Preschool Instructional Assistant

Diagnostician/Consulting Teacher - Adrian

YTP Specialist