Counselor Directory

Jenn Susuki, LSC (Oregon), IAL (Oregon)

Counselor & Student Wellness Coordinator

Service Regions: Malheur County


Phone: 541-473-4827

Tracy Cleaver, LSC (Oregon)

Counselor & Behavioral Support

Service Regions: Huntington, Jordan Valley, Arock, Rockville, Nyssa


Phone: 208-502-1052

Chris Paulsen, LSC (Oregon), LSC (Idaho), LPC (Idaho)

Counselor, Behavioral Support, School Safety and Prevention Specialist

Service Regions : Malheur, Lake, and Harney Counties (Counseling & Behavior Support Harper and Juntura)


Phone: 541-473-4855

Melissa Wieland, LSC (Oregon)

Counselor, Inclusion Specialist

Service Regions: Annex and Early Intervention

Phone: 541-262-3280

Jennifer Goldthorpe, LSC (Oregon)

Counselor, Behavior Support

Service Regions: Adrian and Vale

Phone: 541-473-4840

Bailey Gregory, LSSW (Oregon)

Inclusion Specialist

Service Regions: Malheur County


Phone: 541-473-4847